"Roller Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 15b
United States Airdate: January 11, 2012
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Roller Johnny is the second part of the 81th episode and the 162th episode over all.


The girls change Johnny's and Dukey's gender so they can compete in an all-girls roller-derby contest. After winning the contest and beating the champions, Dukey gets hit on the head making him think he's Darsy, the female roller derby star he's dressed up as. Now Johnny must get his old dog back.


  • Johnny's roller-girl name, Jawbreaker Joni, shares her name with Johnny's Leadbelly counterpart, Joni West.
  • The Episode Premiered on 12 September 2011 originally at 12:30 am in Pakistan and India. It also premiered on 5 December 2011. 12 September 2011 is the original Premiere Date because it was a Part of Pakistan's the return of Johnny Test after not being aired since 13 July 2010.



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