"Runaway Johnny"
Season 4, Episode 3a
United States Airdate: November 12, 2009
Canada Airdate: September 24, 2009
Title Reference: Runaway Wagon
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"Johnny B.C."
"Johnny on the Spot"

Runaway Johnny is the first part of 42th episode and the 83th episode over all.


Confused as to how he's old enough for more responsibilities but still too young for different things, Johnny and Dukey run away.


Johnny and Dukey ran away to Startover City when Johnny's parents say he's old enough to do chores but not old enough to watch PG-13 movies, such as Cow Movie 4. They got tired, so they tried busing away from home, which only lead them across from his house. Then they try biking away from home, until the police came, which were Mr. Black and Mr. White. Black and White were police officers since Mr. Blak blew Up Malaysia. They found Johnny, and chased him to the park. Johnny got away and Dukey said he was hungry. Johnny's junk food was eaten by squirrels. They were about to be eating grasshoppers, when Mr. Black and Mr. White found them and chased him, until Johnny fell down off a cliff. They were walking, then rain started to happen. They went to a barn, though pitch black inside, and they both found squishy benches, which were actually horses. They galloped back to Startover City and got flinged onto Mr. Black's and Mr. White's police cruiser. As they were answering questions, Mr. Black and Mr. White revealed that they understand Johnny since Mr. Black scootered away from home and Mr. White skateboarded away from home. When they returned to Johnny's house, they found out that Johnny's parents didn't even know he was gone, and that Johnny was gone for only forty-five minutes. He was about to go to front door, until Mr. Black and White made a plan. They rang the doorbell, and said they were looking for a blond hair kid. Johnny showed up, entered from another way, and pretended he never left home. Mr. Black and White told the family that this blond haired kid ran away from home because he was old enough to do chores but not old enough to watch movies with bad words in it. Mr. White said to Hugh, that do not ever do this to your child as they will be out in the streets working for minimum wedges. Mr. Black then said that Hugh should let Johnny watch Cow Movie 4. Hugh lets Johnny watch the movie as he was old enough to do chores, he was probably old enough to watch. The family leaves to clean up the dining table while Johnny and Dukey give a thumbs-up to Black and White before watching the movie.