Johnny and Dukey on Scoots

The Sonic Super Scooter (also known as Scoots) is a scooter that Susan and Mary built in Sonic Johnny.


it's a fast and smooth scooter that also has a hidden turbo booster in case of reaching for extra speed (light speed) to travel into time .it can get activate if a person pushes the Mach 9 button, placed on the scooter's handle.


Susan and Mary gave it to Johnny because they knew he couldn't resist pressing the Mach 9 button and they actually wanted him to test it rather than just giving him a free scooter. When Johnny pressed it (in order to make it fast enough to jump above 15 school buses setting in front of the school), it sent him and Dukey ten years into the future. The scooter was going so fast its sonic booster caused Porkbelly to be destroyed. Eventually they made it sixty years from their starting point, hoping that things would get better, only for things to get worse. Scoots was then destroyed by the 60-year robot police to prevent the duo from causing another global catastrophe. Using the super slo-mo scooter, Johnny and Dukey returned to their original time and chose not to test Scoots, preventing the future catastrophes and Scoots' destruction.

Scoots later appeared in Johnny's Extreme Game Controller and was once again destroyed in Johnny vs. Brain Freezer.

List  of years the scooter went

  • 2015
  • 2035
  • 2065
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