Screechereen in the air

Screechereen is a Tiny'mon that looks like a purple and pink dragon. It is first seen in Johnny'mon. Screechereen is the evolved version of Cuddlebuns, the weakest Tiny'mon ever (Cuddlebuns is the weakest Tiny'mon ever due to the inability to train it).

Screechereen is based on XD001 (Shadow Lugia) from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

it is also the complete opposite of Badias, which evolves with ugliness; Screechereen is evolved by love. Its Sonic Screech is based off of Hyper Beam, a move that only certain Pokemon and Tiny'Mon can use due to its destructive properties; its Sonic Screech could also be based off of Aeroblast/Shadow Blast, as it is currently the signature move of Screechereen just like Aeroblast/Shadow Blast is the signature of Lugia and XD001 (Shadow Lugia), respectively.

Screechereen could also be based on Gyarados, due to Cuddlebuns being weak (like Magikarp) and Screechereen being very powerful (like Gyarados). It could also be based off Milotic, because Cuddlebuns is very hard to train, just like Feebas, but just like Milotic, Screechereen is very strong and evolves via love, like Feebas evolves by beauty. Ever since Pokemon Black and White, however, Feebas now evolves by trade while holding a certain item (Prism Scale) while Screechereen does not have to do so.