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"Spotless Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 3a
Spotless title card
United States Airdate: June 27, 2011
Invention(s) Featured: Spot Remover
Episode Guide
"Rated J for Johnny"
"Johnny vs. Bling-Bling: The Ultimate Battle"

Spotless Johnny is the first part of 69th episode and the 137th episode over all.


After making the house a mess, Johnny turns himself invisible by using his sisters' spot remover.



  • The punishments Hugh states he will give Johnny are unusually cruel, especially forbidding him from wearing pants, which would land Johnny in juvenile hall for public nudity, although some would consider forbidding one from wearing pants to be a reward rather than a punishment.
    • In fact, this could be another hint that Hugh secretly hates Johnny, since he would be getting rid of Johnny by forbidding him not to where pants, likely go out in public, and get arrested. There is the possibility that Hugh would also get arrested for either being an "accessory to public nudity" or for masterminding the whole plot.
  • In Johnny Swellville, Susan and Mary's code to the lab was S-K-C-O-R L-I-G (Gil Rocks backwards). However in this episode Johnny only pressed a red button.
  • The animal catcher makes a 3rd appearance. The first was Here Johnny, Here Boy and the second was Dukey Jekyll and Johnny Hyde.
  • Bumper's goons make another appearance.
  • Second time the title has the word "spot" in it. The first was Johnny on the Spot.
  • The spot remover and Johnny turning himself invisible is like the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Pranks a Lot (Season Finale of Season 3, 2004) when SpongeBob and Patrick nearly do the same thing, but the thing that made SB and Pat invisible was called Invisible Spray from a store full of pranks.


  • Luke appeared as the kid on the bike who hit Johnny into the wall. This is impossible as Luke was a robot but appears as sentient here.



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