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johnny test rip off

"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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The Dawg and Bone Show is a parody of the series itself. It's about a boy named Dawg, his dog named Bone, and his twin genius brothers who go on adventures, such as zombie hunting. This is a squash and stretch cartoon so no matter how many times they are hit, it won't hurt them.


  • Dawg: Dawg is the parody of Johnny. They both have the same personality, except he talks with more of a slang accent, like Bone. His catchphrase is "this is wickety wack, bro!" He wears a blue sweatshirt, green jeans, black shoes, with a black and yellow hat with the same symbol on Johnny's shirt. Dawg has reddish-brownish hair and blue eyes.
  • Bone: Bone is a parody of Dukey. Bone is more fun loving, however. Like Dawg, he talks with a strong slang accent. He is supposedly a Great Dane. Bone has a green studded collar with a blue bone hanging from it and two green studded wristbands. He also has 2 gold earrings on his ears.
  • Gary: He is the genderswap of Mary. Gary is one of Dawg's genius brothers. He has a crush on Jil Nexdor and Mary Test.
  • Sutton: He is the genderswap of Susan. Sutton is one of Dawg's genius brothers. Like Gary, he has a crush on Jil Nexdor, and Susan Test.
  • Jil Nexdor: Jil Nexdor is the genderswap of Gil. Like him, the twins have a crush on her. Her last name references that she lives next door to them and she is their unattainable love interest. Not much else is known about her. She is only mentioned once and is never seen.
  • Hugo: Hugo is a parody of Hugh. Hugo is the father Dawg and the Twins.
  • Leila: Leila is a parody of Lila. Lila is the mother of Dawg and the Twins.
  • Glam Glam Girl: Glam Glam Girl is the Genderswap of Bling Bling Boy. Glam Glam Girl has a crush on Sutton.


  • The only known episode is when they go zombie hunting after dropping a chemical that brings plants to life at a cemetery.
  • Dukey keeps referencing the show being a parody of Johnny Test, but Johnny fails to see the resemblence due to his own lack of intelligence and seems to think that Sissy and Missy resemble them instead.
  • The logo for the show is quite similar to the Johnny Test logo.


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