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"The Destruction of Johnny X"
Season 4, Episode 13b
S04E13b TitleCard.png
United States Airdate: May 3, 2010
Canada Airdate: February 25, 2010
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"X-Ray Johnny"
"Johnny Grow Your Own Monster"

The Destruction of Johnny X is the second part of 52nd episode and the 104th episode over all.

Full Summary

Johnny and Dukey "accidentally" grow Lolo into a giant monkey, and Susan and Mary make them turn into Johnny X and Super Dukey (aka Super Pooch) in order to save the town. They then used their new superpowers in order to return Lolo back to normal. The town then gave them candy and their own parade. Because of their success, Johnny and Dukey decide to become superheroes 24/7. After two other successful attempts at saving the town, the mayor gave them a wristwatch, which would alert them when there's trouble.

The townspeople then misused the power of the wristwatch, which resulted in Johnny and Dukey not sleeping for three days straight. Susan and Mary came up with a plan, which was to make the townspeople think that Johnny X and Super Dukey were dead. After failing to "destroy" Johnny X and Super Pooch with a runaway train, Susan(Sinistorm) and Mary(Villiana) pretended to be villians from "Evil Planet". After a short fight, they then "destroyed" Johnny X and Super Dukey with their laser blast powers. As the town begged for mercy, Johnny and Dukey destroyed their costumes at the lab. Meanwhile, the mayor promised to fix some things in the town, including the train system.

Afterwards, when everyone was relaxing at home, they find out a pair of kittens were trapped in a burning building. They came to their rescue, dressed up as different superheroes, and the episode ends as they fly back home.

The "evil" duo attacks


  • Running Gag: The general unreliability of Porkbelly's rail system, The wristwatch blinking whenever Johnny wants to do something.


  • The wristwatch on Johnny X disappears and reappears randomly throughout the episode.
  • The series is set in the modern day, yet Porkbelly's rail system seems to have yet to dieselize (switch to diesel locomotives) at all, since all of the trains seen in this episode were powered by steam locomotives. Surely the company running these trains would have dieselized by 1960, as real-life North American railroads did. A diesel does appear in the title card, though.