The Good, the Bad & the Johnny is the first part of 23th episode and the 45th episode over all.

"The Good, the Bad & the Johnny"
Season 2, Episode 10a
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United States Airdate: April 21, 2007
Title Reference: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
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"Johnny Meets the Pork-Ness Monster"
"Rock-a-Bye Johnny"


To control Johnny's frequent bad behavior, the girls split his bad genes to make his genes 100% good. The bad gene later gets a life of its own, making two Johnnies, with one being nice and the other one being evil.


After Johnny thrashes his sisters' lab, his sisters don't hurt him. Johnny then wonders why and finds out. His sisters want to experiment on him for something. When he is done, it appears that nothing happened. Although, it turns out that the girls took out Johnny's bad gene and prisoned it, making him only good. When Johnny tries to prove himself that he is still bad, he uncontrollably gives his sisters hugs, and gives flowers to Sissy which makes Sissy give a kiss to him. Also, it turns out he is going to get more good by the day.

Then after Hugh creates a power outage from fixing a machine, the bad plasma's jail becomes broken and it became alive, becoming bad Johnny. He gets back at Bumper for all those nasty tortures and makes fun of the girls and Dukey and runs away. After that, they admit that they must bring normal Johnny back because Good Johnny is annoying to them because of the hugs, and Bad Johnny is going to destroy the town. As the girls and Dukey track down bad Johnny, Bad Johnny is leaving trail of of bad deeds, like diverting some bikers to the lake, demolishing the Porkbelly Middle School, freeing all the animals from the zoo, and gluing cats to trees in the park. When they find him in a park, they set a trap for him, but good Johnny tells his bad twin about the trap. Although, it turns out Dukey set up a second trap in case the good twin tells about the trap. After they captured him, the sisters merge the two Johnnys and Johnny promises that he will be nicer, but later again, Johnny destroys the lab, saying it takes time to be nice. The episodes ends with Susan and Mary chasing Johnny and Dukey around the lab.


  • Sissy kisses Johnny for the first time.
  • This is the second time that the mess-up is caused by Hugh and both times feature Hugh fixing a machine that causes a power outage. The first was Johnny Hollywood.


  • (Sissy kisses Johnny after she got flowers)
    Johnny: (just after Sissy walks away) "Da! I've been kissed by a girl!"
    Dukey: "What is wrong with you?!"


  • When Bad Johnny was in the lab, Mary has Susan's voice and said "Johnny, what are you doing here?



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