The Last Flight of Johnny X is the first part of the 117th episode and the 233th episode over all.

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"Oh my gosh! , this is bad!" – Dukey

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"The Last Flight of Johnny X"
Season 6, Episode 26a
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United States Airdate: December 25, 2014
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"Johnny Goes Gaming"
"Johnny's Last Chapter"


Johnny and Dukey (as Johnny X and Super Pooch) have discovered that Bling Bling, Dark Vegan and Brain Freezer created monsters to attack Porkbelly and destroy them just to show themselves as heroes. When The General finds out and tells all of them (even Johnny and Dukey) that they`re not allowed to make another monster or use their superpowers ever again, what will happened if another group of monsters do attack Porkbelly again?



  • This marks the final episode of many things:
    • The final appearance of Brain Freezer, Dark Vegan, The General, Black, White and Johnny and Dukey as Johnny X and Super Pooch.
    • It also marks the only appearance of the X-Mobile.

Production Notes

  • According to the credits, Warner Bros. still owns its trademark.



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