"The Quantum of Johnny"
Season 4, Episode 9a
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United States Airdate: February 4, 2010
Canada Airdate: December 10, 2009
Title Reference: Quantum of Solace
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"Tom and Johnny"
"Johnny Get Yer Gum"
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"Oh my gosh! , this is bad!" – Dukey

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The Quantum of Johnny is the first part of 48th episode and the 95th episode over all.


Johnny and Dukey watch a spy movie featuring Speed McCool and wish they were spies. Then Mr. Black and Mr. White come and ask them to work for them for one day. Once they accept, they have to stop a rich guy who appears evil and is too busy spend any time with his only daughter. He now has to go to the same school as his daughter and get her to invite her to her birthday party so he could sneak in and stop the "bad guys" evil plans.


Hugh, doesn't remember who Mr. Black and Mr. White are.


  • Susan, Mary, and Lila Test don't appear in this episode, making this the first time none of the main female characters appeared.
    • This and Future Johnny are the only episodes Susan & Mary don't appear in. *
  • The title card is similar to the James Bond  gun-barrel sequence.
  • Two members from the Motorcycle gang from Johnny the Kid reappear as Claire Nefarius' bodyguards.
  • The title is a reference to Quantum of Solace, the 22nd James Bond film. *The watch which makes people forget things is similar to the Neuralyzer in Men in Black.
  • This episode has taken elements from the movie Agent Cody Banks.


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