The Tickler
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Gender Male
Age Adult
Hair Color Mostly bald with red hair behind his ears and on top of his head.
Eye Color Aqua
Status Alive
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Enemies Johnny Test
Susan Test
Mary Test
Alignment Bad
Love Interest
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Family Wacko (Evil Twin Brother)
First Appearance Johnny vs. The Tickler
Voiced by Lee Tockar

The Tickler (Voiced by Lee Tockar) is an enemy of Johnny and Dukey. He is the twin brother of Wacko (except he has red, not blue, hair) he had the ability to create any weapon that can make people laugh. He is jealous of his brother, even claiming he's the family favorite. In his only appearance to date he attempted to succeed where brother failed, getting revenge on Johnny.

Wacko, The Tickler's Brother.


  • Most people mistake him for Wacko.
  • He has a tickle belt that has four arms that uses two arms to pick people up and two others tickle the person.
  • He is ticklish
  • He owns a lab dedicated to tickling
  • He has tickled Johnny, Susan, Mary and Albert
  • In the end of "Johnny vs The Tickler", the kids left him in a chair being ticked by a machine
  • He uses the phrase "tickle you to your doom"

The Tickler's tickle belt

  • the people in the office building grown in Agony to him when he says his plan as they do the same thing to Wacko.
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