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{{Infobox character|Powers and abilities = None|Gender = Female|Hair Color = Blond|Eye Color = Blue|Status = Alive|First Appearance = [[Princess Johnny]]|Voiced by = Unknown|name = Princess Mara Bell|Alignment = Good|Likes = Video games|image = Bandicam 2020-03-20 22-07-07-524.jpg|Age = Unknown (Possibly 11 years old)}}
SOMEONE, PLEASE DELETE THIS PAGE, [[Category:One-Time Characters]]
Princess Mara Bell is an Princess, Who only appeared In Princess Johnny.
== Appearance ==
Mara is a girl version of and looks and even talks like Johnny Test, She is a natural blond with the tips of his spiky bright red hair and has blue eyes Just Like Johnny. Her clothing consists of a black shirt with a hazard/radioactive symbol in the middle Are The Same as Johnny's, a federal blue short-sleeved dress shirt, green pants, and black shoes with a light gray trim. She wears a watch on his right wrist,
== Personality ==
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