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Tim Burnout
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Powers and abilities None
Gender Male
Age 20s or 30s
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Status Alive
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Enemies Johnny Test
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Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Family Mrs. Burnout (Mother)
Mr. Burnout (Father)
Pets Mr. Mittens (formerly)
First Appearance 00-Johnny
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Timothy "Tim" Burnout is a classmate of Susan and Mary and the former owner of Mr. Mittens. He copied the modified genetic structure used by Susan and Mary to create Dukey and used it on Mr. Mittens, which turned him into an evil villain seeking world domination. Despite his lazy personality, he is apparently very intelligent, as he was able to alter Mr. Mittens (despite stealing the idea). His last name refers to the way he acts. A burnout is a psychological term for a syndrome characterized by long-term exhaustion and diminished interest, especially in one's career. In The Johnny Express his mustache is grown more.

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