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The Cover of the Game

Tiny'Mon Jade and Crystal Versions are the only two Tiny'Mon games that are shown or mentioned in Johnny Test. The game has parelled Pokémon, for example the main characters name (blast ketchup) is obviously a parody of Ash Ketchum. They first appeared in Johnny'mon and had their last appearence in The Return of Johnny'mon. It is unknown if it will be featured again in later episodes. Johnny bought Tiny'Mon Jade Version and his dad warped into it after pressing a button on Johnny's Gamedroid-QS. In this game, Baboomerang is the evolved form of Kadoomerang, and Badias is the evolved form of Filapapillar. it still features some of the old tinymons such as Screechereen. These games could are most likely based on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.