Turbo action backpack

The Amazing Turbo Action Backpack is one of the Susan and Mary's inventions that was supposed to be performed in a conference in Porkbelly's Institute of Technology. it is a highly advanced backpack that has many different abilities.


It's a white backpack with metallic handles, a red button on the top, a dark green screen with two purple wings.


The Amazing Turbo Action Backpack is a backpack that can do almost anything. Some of the things it can do are transform into a jet and a car, has a probe that can create holograms, make video games, turn into a TV, shrink things, and so on. it also has a dangerous defense system. (when the person who's using it gets into danger, weapons automatically get activated)


When Johnny first used it, Bling-Bling Boy stole it, so Johnny and Dukey had to get it back before Susan and Mary's presentation. When Johnny returned it to them, the college students hated the backpack because it was to complicated, and they liked Johnny's because his was simpler and baby barf green. Later in Li'l Johnny, it was used to shrink by Johnny to shrink his stuff so he could avoid cleaning his room. This invention, like most of the others in the show, was created by Susan and Mary Test. They first built it in Johnny and the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack. It then played a major role in Li'l Johnny and it made a cameo appearance in Johnny vs. Brain Freezer.


  • In Johnny vs. Brain Freezer, the backpack, along with Scoots and the zit blaster were destroyed by Bling Bling's molecular firecracker. It is unknown if the Test sisters ever rebuilt it.
  • It's the same jetpack that Johnny uses in the intro.



Johnny using the Turbo Action Backpack

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