The Turbo Toy Force are a group of toys that became alive after the Static Animator was used on them. They have appeared in the 2 episodes, and can be seen in the season 1 intro. They first appeared in "Johnny and the Mega Roboticles" and "Johnny's Turbo Toy Force".

Members of the Turbo Toy Force

  • Mega Roboticle - Mega Roboticle is a red toy robot who also comes with a sword. He's dressed in armor. He was a former member of the Turbo Toy Force, who left for unknown reasons in Johnny and the Mega Roboticles.
  • Nice-Sweater Ben - He is a doll who has short blonde hair, a purple shirt with a blue sweater tied around his neck, and wears white pants. He's the leader of the group and was one of the Test sisters' toys before he mutated. He sometimes cries because his girlfriend yells at him. He also uses his sweater to snatch weapons and trap villains.
  • Malibu Stacy - She is a doll who wears a pink dress, has long blond hair, wears pink shoes, and has a necklace. Though she's supposed to be Nice-Sweater Ben's girlfriend, she doesn't like him much and criticizes his sweater. She uses deodorant spray on her enemies to stun them.
  • Green Dragon - A fire-breathing dragon that has green scales, dark green wings, a green nose, and green horns. He has the ability to fly and breathe fire at his baddies. He also runs on batteries.
  • Pink Rabbit - A big pink and fluffy bunny who loves to hop. She has pink fur, two rabbit teeth, and has long ears. She is able to fly and blow away rivals by using her long ears.
  • Chew Toy - A red spiked chew toy who only makes squeaking sounds. He also has a bell inside him. He is able to crush his enemies with his spikes.

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