Hi there! My name is XYDUX (TEST!). I read Ruin Cireela's post on the Ed, Edd n Eddy wiki about how this place needed help, so I decided to check it out. Hope you don't mind me editing here!

About Me

What to say? Well, for one thing, I like wikis. I first found out about them in June 2010. I started editing almost immediately, and I've had an account on Wikia since late November. Since then, I have become part of many great wikis.

Another thing I like to do is play guitar. I'm good at it (I should be, since I've been playing since before I was 7!) What I like to do is make up melodies and chord progressions. Right now I'm learning some classical guitar.

Other hobbies of mine include reading, gaming, and listening to music.

Oh, also:

"...for I'm the destroyer and will cut you down." -- Dave Mustaine
Do not vandalize, or this user will cut you down.

Favorite Wikis

(alphabetical order)

6teen Wiki

Ed, Edd n Eddy Wiki

Johnny Test Wiki

Johnny Two Shoes Wiki

Great Johnny Test Pictures

Top Friends

Top Friends Box Instructions


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