The Voice-Over 9000 is a behaviour changing megaphone invested by the Test sisters that appear in Coming to a Johnny Near You.


The Voice-Over 9000 increase brain capacity from 10% to 90% to manipulate a person's behaviour by speaking into the megaphone to emit brainwaves depends on the mode the megaphone is set on.

  • Auto Mode: Make a person act the way they want without using the movie trailers movies; Mary Test demonstrate it on Dukey to make act like a spirited cheerer leader with girl persona. Johnny used it on a pizza man to deliver pizza to him and kids in a math lesson teach Henry Teacherman, Ducky used it on a ice cream man to him and Johnny free ice cream.
  • Action Mode: Make a person perform actions that the user wants; Dukey used it on a driver with a limo give johnny a ride to school quicker.
  • Horror Mode: Horror Mode was never used, So it is unknown how Horror Mode would work when being used on a person.
  • Romance Comedy: Make a person romance and drama; Susan Test used it on Gil to him fall in love with her and Mary Test, but Gil went crazy in love to point making him had thing in common with them such as inventions, bunnies, and dancing.
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