Powers and abilities Intelligence
Super Atomic Flying Disk
Gender Male
Age Adult
Hair Color Mostly bald with blue-gray hair behind his ears and on top of his head.
Eye Color Black
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Friends The Beekeeper (former)
Brain Freezer
Mr. Mittens
Zizrar the Mole King
Enemies Johnny Test
Susan Test
Mary Test
Bumper Randalls
Sissy Blakely
Gil Nexdor
Bling-Bling Boy
Alignment Evil
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Likes Evil things, torturing Johnny and Dukey
Dislikes Kids, Johnny and Dukey
Family The Tickler (Evil Twin Brother)
Pets Unamed pet dog
First Appearance Johnny's Turbo Toy Force
Voiced by Lee Tockar

Wacko (voiced by Lee Tockar) is the secondary antagonist and the archenemy of Johnny and Dukey. Despite being a toy-maker, he cannot stand kids and has a company create destructive toys in order to dispose of them. This frustrates his employees who are sick of hearing about their boss's repeated attempts to ruin the company by getting rid of kids. He seems quite intelligent, in spite of his appearance and behavior. He is the leader of the Johnny Stopping Evil Force 5, along with Brain Freezer, Mr. Mittens & Albert and Beekeeper (later replaced by Zizrar) into the group for the first time after the four were released from prison.


  • Robo-Pal
  • Helli o-Bubble
  • Bubble Blast
  • Super Atomic Flying Disk
  • No Escape (video game)


  • In "Johnny vs. The Tickler", Wacko is revealed to have a twin brother named The Tickler.
  • Wacko's intent to eliminate every child (similar to The Penguin in the movie Batman Returns) in the world is severely misguided and, if it were ever successful, fatal, for several reasons:
    • He couldn't possibly get rid of every child in the world, since a baby is born every second. If he wanted to get rid of every child on Earth, it would require getting rid of every female on Earth.
    • If Wacko ever succeeded in getting rid of every child on Earth, and preventing more from being born, there would be no new generations, eventually leading to the extinction of the human species.
    • Eliminating every child would also destroy not only his company (since his products are marketed to kids), but also every other toy company and any other company that markets products towards kids, leading to a major global economic crisis since much GDP would be lost. Such is his flawed logic as a businessman.
    • For these reasons, it is a mystery why he hasn't been imprisoned for life or executed as an enemy combatant.
      • However, many of Wacko's schemes focus only on the children of Porkbelly, and usually involve either capturing the kids or sending them far away, showing that while he is insane, he would never stoop to omnicide (yet?).
  • Whenever Wacko tells his employees of his plan, they would all groan to the idea. But are unable to disagree with him and force him to step down as chairman, possibly by threats from their boss.
  • Wacko's hair is a bit similar to Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons.


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