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2010-10-11 - Episode 22b-Johnny's Got a Wart 0540-Warty

Warty is Johnny's wart that first debuted in Johnny's Got a Wart! He started out as a regular wart until he was brought to life.


Although Johnny was unsure how, he obtained a wart on his left wrist. Worried, Dukey took him to the Lab, hoping Susan and Mary get rid of it. They shot it with a 's "laser", though it failed.

Later at school, the wart came to life and became helpful to Johnny: he helped him remember his locker combination, got him an "A" in math, confronted Bumper by revealing his inner soft side and got Johnny an invite to a party with cheerleaders. At home, Dukey was surprised to hear Warty had a name and could talk and was immediately creeped out when he sprouted evil eyes and gained a menacing laugh. Johnny thought his eyes were creepy so he covers Warty's eyes with a figurine's sunglasses. Susan and Mary soon discovered this and claimed they were geniuses, revealing this was a theory they were working on. Dukey immediately declared they should get rid of him, though the kids didn't want to and assumed he was jealous that Warty could do everything he could yet didn't need a disguise.

Later that night, Warty became evil and took over Johnny's body (by controlling his brain and nerves) and then the world though was stalled since he struggled to control Johnny and couldn't do so until he had complete control of Johnny's brain. Dukey had the twins try to get rid of Warty, but were too late: Warty took full control and fired the laser at the twins, scaring them off. Despite this, he gets defeated by Dukey by being tricked by him saying he'd be nothing without Johnny. Despite this, he convinces Johnny he could still do all the stuff he did earlier. Warty currently resides in Johnny's locker and has developed the behavior of a drill sergeant. Warty was not seen again after these events.


2010-10-11 - Johnny Test - Season 4, Episode 22b-Johnny's Got a Wart Johnny evil

Warty taking control of Johhny's body

2010-10-11 - Episode 22b-Johnny's Got a Wart 0921

Warty in a trapped jar.

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