The XMTLH bat

The Xtreme Magno-Tracking Laser Hype-projectile (XMTLH) Baseball and Custom Bat is one of Susan and Mary's inventions that was first introduced in Johnny Impossible.


It has some settings that shows how strong and fast does the person wants the bat to hit: Single, Double, Triple and Home run. it only must make contact to the ball, as id won't matter if the person hits it weak or powerful. and it's important that the person don't use another ball to hit it with the bat.


The ball looks just like any standard baseball but with a dark blue X mark on it. The bat is a white metallic bat with different settings for hitting the ball on the top of it in teal lettering. The dial goes from cream to yellow, orange, red-orange or red.


The Test twins made it for Johnny to win a baseball match between the neighborhood kids. But while testing it, Johnny accidentally hit the ball to their neighbor Old Man Newman's house, who didn't give the ball back. After 10 attempts to get the ball failed, Johnny asks him why doesn't he gives the ball to them and Old Man Newman tells him that he should says sorry for breaking his window. Johnny then says that Dukey's sorry for breaking his window, and Old Man Newman tells him to change the bases, so his house won't be the home run target. After that, Johnny uses it in the baseball match and wins, but accidentally hits the window of his own house, making Hugh angry.

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